Children Of The Mind

By Orson Scott Card

Rage Against The Machine - Wake Up

Wake Up represents Peter Wiggin and Si Wang-Mu's mission to infiltrate Starways Congress and revoke the order to destroy Lusitania. Wake Up describes a world plagued with corruption and oppression, and is urging the listener to wake up and see this. Peter and Wang-Mu must do something similar to this, as they attempt to convince the highest leaders of the Japanese Culture in the Hundred Worlds of their role in the authorisation of the use of the Molecular Disruption Device (M.D.D. or Little Doctor) on Lusitania.

Stephen - Crossfire

Crossfire is a representation of the dilemna that Jane and Lusitania face against the uninformed wrath of Starways Congress. Their uneducated views have blinded them from the truth of their actions, and sadly both Jane and Lusitania are caught in the crossfire of it all. (I highly recommend you take 5 minutes to watch the video, because, assignment aside, it has a really powerful message I think you'd like, you can read some of the top comments to understand the message better as well)

EDEN - woah

woah embodies Miro's very confusing love for Val and Jane. As the deactivation of the ansibles grew close, Miro was faced with the challenging conflict of asking the girl he had just told he loved to allow another being who he truly loves to take control of her body, while also struggling with the fact that the entire existence of the girl whose body is to be taken over depends on how much attention Ender Wiggin pays to her. The sort of situation that makes you step back and think: "woah, this kid's really got some complicated stuff going on".

Elohim - Xanax

Xanax is a song that symbolizes Val's struggle with the fact that the only thing keeping her in the universe is the attention paid to her by Ender Wiggin. With Ender currently devoting the majority of his attention towards himself and Peter's mission, she is slowly fading out of existence.

Radiohead - Bodysnatchers

Bodysnatchers is about Jane after the shutdown of the ansibles, as her philote frantically looks for a new home. It is during this time that she "snatches" the bodies of Ender, Peter, the Mothertrees and Val as she searches for a place that her philote can settle in. She eventually lands on Val, who finally gives her the flesh and bone body she has been curious about having her whole life, and uses the Mothertrees as a substitute for her old body in the ansible to store all of her data and mind.

LCD Soundsystem - Time To Get Away

Time To Get Away quite literally represents the time where everybody on Lusitania had to get away to avoid the Little Doctor. It's either get away from the planet, or have all the bonds in your atoms separated, so I'd say that it definitely could be considered a good time to get away.

Radiohead - Everything In Its Right Place

Everything In Its Right Place is a very accurate depiction of the ending of the book and the series for that matter. By this point, Peter and Wang-Mu are married, Miro and Jane are married, Jane has her powers back, Starways Congress is a whole lot nicer, Lusitania isn't blown up, all three species survived and communications with the Descaladores are ongoing and going well. Everything truly is in its right place at this point.

Baxter Ellard